IMA Italia Assistance has always been very attentive regarding the privacy, the protection and the safety of all information in its possession, even more when concerning personal data of its clients and of the persons it is connected with. In terms of article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 – Privacy Code – we inform as to the procedures of the website management concerning the processing of the personal data of the users who access and use the web services accessible at the address:
The informative report is stated only for the IMA Italia Assistance website and not for other websites incidentally accessed by the user through third parties connected links.


In consequence to the access to the this website, data concerning identified or identifiable persons can be processed: the data processing controller is IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A. with premises in Piazza Indro Montanelli, 20 - 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI).

During the surfing on a website it is technically possible, even without the User's explicit registration to the services and without his active role, to make a data collection that, for these reasons, is called passive. Particularly, we describe below the procedures for using IP Addresses, Session or Persistent Cookies, Internet Tags, Surfing Data, including the possibility of excluding them and the related implications.

For what concerns the passive collection of data, the services offered on this website:

• Do not use IP Addresses (Internet Protocol addresses) for the collection of information, but they memorize them in the surfing data;

• Use Surfing Data only for statistical purposes as aggregated data;

• Use session cookies only to enhance the surfing within the website, but not for statistical purposes. It is possible to disable cookies, setting your browser accordingly; in this case the surfing might be less smooth without using persistent cookies


During the surfing on this website, cookies could be collected on your pc. A cookie is a tiny data file, which is stored on your computer within the web browser, but it can not spread worms or be runable.

We collect session cookies (which are automatically deleted after every visit) in order to facilitate a more user friendly and secure service and other cookies by which, through Google Analytics, we collect informations about the surfing of the website with the only aim to provide better services to all of our users.

Consequently these informations figured out from the cookies collected (included your IP address) will be transmitted and stored on Google servers located in U.S.A Google Analytics collects informations anonymously and could communicate these informations to third party only for legal reasons and for external processing , but it won't combine your IP address with other informations from other Google services.

For further informations about the privacy-cookie policy of Google Analytics read through the "Privacy section" of the Google website or click on

If you don't want to be tracked on the website, but you want to go on surfing on this, click on:

Your identifying code for statistics is:


The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of electronic mail to the addresses indicated on this website imply the acquisition of the sender's address, necessary to answer requests, and of the other personal data inserted in the message.

Specific synthesis reports are reproduced in the website pages predisposed for particular services on demand that require the filling of forms and the related data entry. The User is free to provide the personal data stated on the request forms; their absence could make it impossible to obtain what requested.

Data can be known by persons in charge and managers and could be transmitted to third parts - as suppliers of services for IMA Italia Assistance - to deal with the requests. Data will not be released.


The User can ask the list of the persons in charge of data processing and exercise the rights stated in article 7 of the Privacy Code writing to IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A. Ufficio Protezione Dati, Piazza Indro Montanelli n. 20, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI), or to (remove Anti spam dashes on both sides of the @).


In order to guarantee the maximum respect of the privacy of the processed data – that can concern insured persons, contracting parties, injured parties, potential and actual clients, collaborators, etc – IMA ITALIA ASSISTANCE, according to the provision of the law in force, provided itself with the following organisation:

• the Owner of the processing is IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A., in the person of the acting Legal Representative;

• the Holder of the processing is Dr Elisa Forlani;

• the Ufficio Protezione Dati (Data Protection Department) is appointed to the examination of the interested persons' requests for the exertion of the rights ex art. 7 of the Privacy Code, with tasks of privacy interface from and to the outside; any interested person can refer to it for the exertion of the access rights and to acquire any further information concerning privacy;

•the persons who process the personal data have been designated processing Agents; they have received specific instructions and they are the addressees of a training and updating continuous plan;

• for specific and technical and organisational necessities, IMA Italia Assistance avails itself of the cooperation of third parts to whom it entrusts part of the processing. These subjects can take the role of "Agents" or "Holders" of the processing made by IMA Italia Assistance or can act in complete autonomy as distinct "Owners" of other processing having the same purposes pursued by IMA Italia Assistance;

• IMA Italia Assistance acquires only the personal data strictly necessary to accomplish the requested services or the purposes for which they have been gathered giving specific informative report; sensitive data are handled with particular attention and are processed only after having evaluated case by case the impossibility of processing them anonymously;

• IMA Italia Assistance processes personal data adopting the necessary security measures, both physical and computerised, according to the Privacy Code and to the Technical Specification annexed;

• at the end of the processing, IMA Italia Assistance attends to the compulsory preservation of the processed data and, in lack of this obligation or when the terms expires, attends to their erasing or anonymisation.

The parties concerned can address to IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A. Ufficio Protezione Dati, Piazza Indro Montanelli n. 20, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI), or to (remove Anti spam dashes on both sides of the @) for any information concerning personal data and notably for:

• having the confirmation of the existence or non existence of personal data regarding them, obtaining the comprehensible communication of the data themselves and of the purposes and methods of processing;

• obtaining the up-to-date list of all the holders and of the subjects to whom the data are communicated and who work for the Company;

• require the updating or the correction of the processed data and, in case of processing violating the law, the erasing or the anonymisation or the blocking;

• oppose, totally or partially, the processing of their personal data for legitimate reasons or for commercial purposes.

List of Subjects to whom the data can be communicated for purposes connected with the supplying of assistance services

• contracting parties, insured persons, beneficiaries, injured parties, jointly liable persons, witnesses, co-owners, persons who have their interest noted;

• insurers, co-insurers and reinsures; agents, subagents, insurance and reinsurance brokers, producers and other channels of insurance contracts acquisitions, retirement funds, banks, savings management companies, lawyers, estimators, doctors, garages, car scrapping centres;

• assistance suppliers (i.e. road assistance services, rental car companies, ambulance services, etc);

• foreign correspondents;

• consulting firms for legal advice, clinics, services firms for computers, finance, administration and data filing and processing, postal service firms (for printing, transmitting, transporting and sorting of ingoing and outgoing communications), hotel booking firms and travel agencies; training and recruitment firms, auditing companies, consulting firms, commercial information regarding financial risks consultants, fraud control firms, investigators and assessors, credit recovery firms, firms specialised in commercial information and promotion, market research, service quality and customers' satisfaction survey (whenever the agreement for commercial purposes is granted);

• Group Companies (controlled and connected, also indirectly, in terms of the law in force);

• trade associations;

• ANIA - Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici
(National Association of Insurance Companies) - (Piazza S. Babila, 1 - Milano), for the gathering and the processing of elements, information and data instrumental for the practice and the protection of the insurance trade;

• Consortium unions among which:
UCI - Ufficio Centrale Italiano (Corso Venezia, 8 - Milano) (Central Italian Office) - (Corso Venezia, 8 - Milano), that manages and adjusts damages caused in Italy by vehicles registered in foreign countries according to the article 6 of the law 24th of December 1969, n. 990, as amended by the law of the 7th of August 1990, n. 242; guarantees the "green cards" issued by the associated insurance companies; guarantees the refund for the damages caused abroad by vehicles registered in Italy, insured or not insured with insurance companies submitted to compulsory winding up

• Other subjects such as:
Casellario Centrale Infortuni (Central Accident Records Office (Via Santuario Regina degli Apostoli, 33 - Roma), in terms of D.L. 38/2000;
Tax Collection Office CONSOB;
Law Enforcement Professionals (Police, Carabinieri, Revenue Guards, Fire Brigade);
INAIL- Istituto Nazionale per l'Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro (National institute for industrial injury insurance), P.le Pastore n. 6 – Roma;
INPDAI- Istituto Nazionale di Previdenza per i Dirigenti d'Azienda (National institute for executives social security), Viale delle Provincie, 36 - Roma;
INPGI- Istituto di Previdenza dei Giornalisti Italiani (National institute for journalists social security), Via Nizza, 35 - Roma;
INPS- Istituto Nazionale per la Previdenza Sociale (National institute for social security), Via Ciro il Grande, 21 - Roma;
IVASS- Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazioni Private e di Interesse Collettivo (Institute for the supervision of private and public interest insurance), Via del Quirinale, 21 - Roma, in terms of law of the 12th of August 1982, n. 576 and of law of the 26th of May 2000, n. 137;
Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Via Molise, 2 - Roma);
Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze - Anagrafe Tributaria (Via Carucci, 99 - Roma), in terms of art. n. 7 of D.P.R. 29th of September 1973, n. 605;
Ministero delle Infrastrutture - Motorizzazione Civile e dei Trasporti in Concessione (Via Caraci, 36 - Roma), that in terms of the 226 of the cod. strad. (highway code), manages the national Archive of vehicles and the national registry office of qualified drivers;
Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali (Via Flavia, 6 - Roma), ai sensi dell'art. 17 del D.L. of the 21st of April 1993, n. 124;
Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali (Via XX Settembre - Roma);
UIF - Unità di Informazione Finanziaria in the Banca d'Italia (Via Nazionale, 91 - Roma), in terms of D.L. 231 of the 21st of November 2007 with tasks and functions of financial analysis concerning the prevention and the fight against laundering and financing of international terrorism.