Always on the go with a 24/7 roadside assistance

Our offer


We provide 24/7 assistance services for vehicle breakdowns or accidents. Our worldwide network offers towing truck services, mobile workshops and a car rental service with IMA Point rent, our rental network available every day of the year.


Soccorso stradale h24 in viabilità ordinaria e in autostrada


Automated emergency call (e-Call and b-Call)

We have developed and integrated into our systems the automated emergency call, with the possibility to call an ambulance on the spot in case of accident.

Remote assistance via Black-Box Devices

We took part in the development of telematics services along with leading service providers.

Automated towing truck service

Our roadside assistance providers are activated by an automatic system. They receive data about the vehicle and the location, and they can also send us information in real time about the state of the assistance.


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